Market Research and Business Operation Team

Market research and analysis are usually a prerequisite for any overseas company to expand business into China. Med Qiao’s MRA team is composed of staff with years’ experience and will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your target market and insightful suggestions to your China strategy. Business execution is the most crucial step to guarantee business success. Med Qiao’s BE team has been involved in the business execution of Chinese branches of a variety of foreign companies and can communicate with you effectively and provide you with efficient services in a variety of areas.

Investment Team

Med Qiao investment team comprises the veterans who have a unique talent for building and sustaining our own transformative companies. We are also able to extend operational expertise—in finance, human capital, legal, marketing and portfolio management—to help build important and influential companies that can succeed in the global, interconnected marketplace.

Logistics and Government Relation Team

Logistic support is essential for a smooth operation of most business, especially for international business. Med Qiao’s logistics team is adept in dealing with different local and national Chinese government agencies such as Human Resources Bureau, Industry & Commerce Bureau, Customs and Taxation Bureau. It is also experienced in helping clients with China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) product approval, China Import & Export Flow, China customs clearance, Intellectual Property (IP) protection and business registration.

Medical Expert and Scientist Group

Med Qiao experts include practicing physicians and research scientists in almost all medical specialties. They are up to date with the latest developments in medical practice and research. They provide valuable clinical perspective in Med Qiao's efforts to facilitate your business endeavor. Med Qiao not only has cooperation with China top medical schools and hospitals, also we have a big group of American research scientists, professors, physicians and hospital managers to support our work.

Product Development and Manufacturing Team

Med Qiao has a national level medical device R&D team and shares all labs with Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy of USST including Electrosurgery Lab,3D Printing lab,Machining Center, Center of Surgical Scenarios Simulation, Medical Robot lab, Bio-medical Optics Lab, Minimally Invasive Device Lab, EMC Lab, Medical device Testing Center. The team has rich experience to develop medical device. In addition, we have a sub-team which specifically works on manufacturing.

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