We are dedicated to being your partner in achieving your specific goals and investing right companies in China and US healthcare market. It is not only our job but also our passion to benefit all partners!

Med Qiao is a venture capital investor as well as a unique medical business and strategic consulting firm dedicated to bridging between East and West healthcare market.

We are a group of professionals familiar with the details of medically related processes: from patient care to hospital administration, from clinical trials to medical product approval, from intellectual property protection to manufacturer auditing, from sales network building to international trading logistics, etc. We are dedicated to being your partner in achieving your specific goals in the Chinese medical product market. We help you deftly maneuver through the maze of cultural, political and language barriers to achieve your goals earlier.

We know manufacturing well and have strong operation team for medical-related product production. We are also a group of people knowing financial procedure perfectly with China top investment resources. In the investment world, Med Qiao not only regularly gives advice to China top investment companies but also invests companies which fit our appitite.

Med Qiao's international team is composed of physician experts, research scientists, medical product engineers, market analysts, intellectual property specialists, factory auditors, manufacturing managers, international trade specialists and CFAs. We are therefore capable of providing comprehensive knowledge and services in healthcare field.

Med Qiao welcomes companies who would be interested to work with us to develop their enterprise in either China or US.

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